A Unified Customer Engagement Platform

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Yet, only a few companies can keep up with their evolving demands, leaving a huge window of opportunity for firms that are ready to invest in customer experience and improve their market share.  Unsurprisingly, CX management has emerged as a top priority for business leaders who are putting away an increasing amount of resources to ace it. However, without the right technology, it isn’t possible to achieve the

Why Inbound Calls are Critical to Your Customer’s Journey

I have to admit that I’m terrible about calls and I absolutely know that I’m leaving money on the table with my business. My phone often rings throughout the day and the people don’t bother to leave a message, they just move on. My guess is that they simply don’t wish to work with an unresponsive company and that answering the phone is an indicator of that. The opposite is true – we’re very receptive

Tracking SEO Conversions by Phone

We’re excited to have a new client this month who does some extensive marketing in traditional media. With radio, television and direct mail, the common method of tracking a campaign is by offering a coupon code or discount code that be related directly back to the offer. However, with businesses that have an inbound telemarketing department, the primary method used is to buy banks of toll-free phone numbers and utilize a different phone number for