Insights: Ad Creative that Drives ROI on Facebook and Instagram

Running effective Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns requires excellent marketing choices and ad creative. Choosing the right visuals, ad copy, and calls-to-action will offer you the best shot at achieving campaign performance goals. In the market, there’s a lot of hype out there about quick, easy success on Facebook – first off, don’t buy it. Facebook marketing works extremely well, but it requires a scientific approach on managing and optimizing campaigns all day, every day.

What Technology Has Been Eliminated with Smartphones?

We’re coming up on the 10th birthday of the iPhone, launched June 29th, 2007. Like any convincing psychopath, smartphones are able to put on a likable front. They are friendly, helpful and seem like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the while they are sadistic killers who smother alarm clocks in their sleep and make sure your GPS system is never found again. James Pelton It’s only fitting that Mobile Text Alerts launch this killer infographic:

Graava: An Intelligent Video Camera that Automatically Edits

In 2012 Bruno Gregory was hit by a car while riding his bike. The driver left the seen but Bruno was able to identify and get the driver convicted because he had a camera that recorded the event. The next year, he came up with the idea of utilizing sensors and machine learning to develop a camera that automatically only captures the events that matter rather than recording hours of unnecessary video, then having to

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Photo Apps

I’m not a great photographer and running a professional camera is way over my head, so I cheat quite a bit by using my iPhone and some favorite applications. From a marketing aspect, providing a picture directly into the work we’re doing, the places we’re visiting, and the lives we’re living adds a level of transparency that our clients and followers enjoy. To engage with our community, photos have been key. I’d encourage every company

It’s the Most Wonderful Zeitgeist of the Year

It’s with great anticipation that I await the yearly arrival of the Google Zeitgeist. Not just because I get to say it a lot, but also because it’s a fantastic yearly treat to look into the state of search from the past year.