Email Preference Center and Unsubscribe Pages: Using Roles vs. Publications

For the last year, we’ve been working with a national firm on a complex Salesforce and Marketing Cloud migration and implementation. Early on in our discovery, we pointed out some key issues with respect to their preferences – which were very operations-based. When the company designed a campaign, they would create a list of recipients outside their email marketing platform, upload the list as a new list, design the email, and send to that list.

The Art and Science of Content Marketing

While much of what we write for companies are thought leadership pieces, answering frequently asked questions, and customer stories – one type of content stands out. Whether it’s a blog post, an infographic, a whitepaper or even a video, the best performing content tells a story that’s explained or illustrated well, and supported by research. This infographic from Kapost really pulls together what performs best and it’s a great example of… a combination of art

How Email Integrates Multi-Channel Marketing

In this day and age, marketing is multi-faceted. From blogs to social media to infographics to email, it is important that all of our messaging is consistent and integrated. We’ve found over the years that email is at the core of multi-channel marketing. We worked with our friends at Delivra to create this infographic about how email helps marketers consolidate and condense their marketing messaging. Did you know that 75% of social media users consider

Adtivity: Improve the Impact of your Social Media Ads

Over time, marketers have developed unique and innovative methods to generate leads. But online ads still retain a dominant position in the marketplace. Appssavvy’s study, “Social Activity Index – Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Advertising” conducted in April 2011, reveals that advertising integrated into social activities that is spread across social games, applications, and web sites is 11 times more effective than paid search, and twice as effective as rich media. Traditional Internet ads, in

3 Tips for Creating Mobile-Ready Email

Before you start determining how to create an email that is mobile-friendly, you should ask yourself “What are your recipients using to view your email?” if you determine that there is a need for a mobile optimized email, then it’s time to start considering how to go about creating it. Here are some tips to creating mobile-ready emails for your email campaigns. 1. Subject Lines. Mobile devices tend to cut email subject lines short at

Using Campaigns to track Category Popularity in WordPress and Google Analytics

In my last post, I discovered a means of tracking WordPress categories by dynamically passing the category names in the script code for Google Analytics. The problem with the approach is that each time you instantiate the tracking function, it results in a page view. So, if you have multiple categories identified, you wind up executing multiple page views. Yuck! So I did some digging and identified that you can set up a campaign in