Using WordPress and Gravity Forms to Capture Leads

Utilizing WordPress as your content management system is pretty much the norm nowadays. Many of these sites are beautiful but lack any strategy for capturing inbound marketing leads. Companies publish whitepapers, case studies, and use cases in great detail without ever capturing the contact information of the folks who download them. Developing a web site with downloads that can be attained through registration forms is a good inbound marketing strategy. By capturing contact information or

AtEvent Card Scanner: Automate and Enhance Lead Capture at Events

I’m heading to Chicago tomorrow to interview a ton of companies at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition. My standard process on this is to record interviews through the day, write notes, collect business cards, and then head to my hotel room when everyone else is getting together for drinks. Before I forget anything, I submit all the contacts to LinkedIn and then write notes for myself on following up where necessary. Chances are, I’ll

Tracking Tab Views in Google Analytics

The Yahoo User Interface Library has a simple tab control that allows you to publish a single page with the content parsed into multiple tabs. The control works through the use of a bulleted list and specifically marked divs. It’s quite simple to implement (attach the Javascript), form the HTML properly and you’re up and running. However, this type of control can be deceitful when it comes to viewing your analytics and who’s viewing what.