Why You Should Send Cards this Holiday

Our sponsors at Zoomerang released a holiday survey and found 63% of the 1,000 respondents will send holiday cards for the 2011 holiday season. In an age where text, twitter, and Facebook updates are the main form for daily personal updates, the holiday card remains the gold standard for the period in the year where people aim to keep traditions alive. To use a simple analogy: social media messages are to holiday cards as holiday

Workaround for PCAnywhere Bug with Vista

I’ve seen no LiveUpdate or documentation on this bug, but apparently it’s affecting other PCAnywhere Vista users as well. Rather than wait for Symantec to come up with a fix, I figured out that the rendering engine, Winawe32.exe is causing the problem. Right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager. Select the Processes tab. Highlight Winawe32.exe and click End Process. When warned, click Okay. Close PCAnywhere. Reopen PCAnywhere and you should see all of your

Download this Program We Built to Fix our Program?

Our clients utilize PCAnywhere for their support issues. I’m running Vista – so when I tried to load our licensed client, I was swiftly met with an incompatibility message and the installer quit. In visiting the Symantec site, they of course fixed the compatibility issue with an upgrade to version 12.1. The snag? You have to pay $100 for the upgrade. I have to have it, so I paid the $100. Paying $100 for an

What’s Passing You By?

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend of mine, Bill. As we ate our fantastic chicken tortilla soup at Scotty’s Brewhouse, Bill and I discussed that awkward moment where failure changes into success. I think truly talented people are able to visualize risk and reward and act accordingly. They jump at opportunity, even if the risk is insurmountable… and it often leads to their success. If I’m losing you, stick with me. Here’s an

My Blogging Cards Have Arrived!

Once I get done speaking at conferences, I’m often asked for a business card by quite a few of the folks. Business card? For a blogger? With 3 conferences coming up in the next few months, I decided to take the plunge and actually get some business cards made! I’m not sure how much business I may have lost after someone walked out and didn’t remember who I was. The cards arrived today and I