How Searchers See And Click on Google’s Search Results

How do searchers see and click on Google’s results in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? Interestingly, it hasn’t changed much over the years – as long as it’s just organic results only. However – be sure to read the Mediative whitepaper where they’ve compared different SERP layouts and the results within each. There’s a demonstrable difference when Google has other features included on the SERP like carousels, maps, and knowledge graph information. A top

Using jQuery to Juice Up an Ordinary Web Page

JavaScript isn’t the easiest of languages to learn. Many web developers who understand standard HTML are fairly intimidated by it. A new breed of JavaScript frameworks have been around for a while now and are beginning to hit the web in stride. All modern browsers are able to run JavaScript efficiently (some recent modifications to Firefox have really sped up their engine, though). I’d highly recommend downloading and using Firefox – the plugins alone make