10 Facts That Will Surprise You About Social Media

One aspect of the social web that I love is the equal playing field it provides companies both small and large, as well as the fact that it’s still the Wild West. As long as we can keep regulators and government hands’ off of it, I’m sure it will continue to flourish. That said, I’m always miffed when I observe a blog post, an infographic, or a webinar about some rule of social media. There

Common Theme Development Mistakes with WordPress

The demand for WordPress development continues to grow and almost all of our clients now have either a WordPress site or an embedded WordPress blog. It’s a solid move – not loved by everyone but there are so many themes, plugins, and a vast amount of developers that it makes sense. The ability to modify your web presence without scrapping a platform and starting over is just a huge advantage. If you ever have a

Using Campaigns to track Category Popularity in WordPress and Google Analytics

In my last post, I discovered a means of tracking WordPress categories by dynamically passing the category names in the script code for Google Analytics. The problem with the approach is that each time you instantiate the tracking function, it results in a page view. So, if you have multiple categories identified, you wind up executing multiple page views. Yuck! So I did some digging and identified that you can set up a campaign in

My 10 Tips to Optimize Your Blog

Computer Shopper has an article on Optimizing Your Blog. The article has some advice that is useful but I don’t think they got their priorities right nor did they cover all the essentials. I’ve been steadily growing traffic to my blog over the last couple months. I’ve been carefully measuring my readership, the sources of my readers, and adjusting accordingly. I’ve learned a ton over the last few months. Here is my Top Ten: Don’t