Blog-Tipping: Alpesh Nakars’ Blogosphere

The last couple of weeks has been brutal. I’ve started a project Wiki to keep up with the projects I’m doing, I’ve hired a young developer to assist me, I’ve resigned from my employer and accepted a new position with a local startup. I don’t want to burn any bridges with my previous employer (who I loved working with and for) so I’ve been mired in conversations with employees, leaders, and a couple special clients

Blog-Tipping: Hamelife

Hamelife is a blog dedicated to parents who want to be different. Parenting is something near and dear to me. I have one son starting at IUPUI this fall and a daughter in middle school. I was a young father and probably made every mistake a parent could. I’m a firm believer that somehow in the miracle of life, God allows parents to make any mistake and still have great kids – as long as

Using Campaigns to track Category Popularity in WordPress and Google Analytics

In my last post, I discovered a means of tracking WordPress categories by dynamically passing the category names in the script code for Google Analytics. The problem with the approach is that each time you instantiate the tracking function, it results in a page view. So, if you have multiple categories identified, you wind up executing multiple page views. Yuck! So I did some digging and identified that you can set up a campaign in