Big Brands have a Problem, Pear Has a Solution

Whether it’s beer, food or service, more and more people are finding the quality products and services they need locally. With food alone, it’s estimated that big brands have lost over $18 billion in sales to local farms and restaurants. Aside from quality issues, consumers also want to feel like the dollars they are spending are making a bigger difference in their communities. Purpose-driven marketing and social brands are becoming common place as 80% of

The Rise of Purpose-Driven Social Marketing

You’ll often find me in some huge debates online on anything related to politics, religion and capitalism… all the red-hot buttons that most people avoid. It’s why I have personal and branded presences across social media. If you want marketing only, follow the brand. If you want me, follow me… but be careful… you get all of me. While I’m an unabashed capitalist, I also have a big heart. I believe we should help one

Social Media For Social Good

83 percent of Americans want brands to support causes and 41 percent of people bought a product from a company because they knew the company was associated with a cause. As more companies and nonprofits are evolving into social enterprises (a hybrid of charity and business), many are counting on social media to help them succeed. We’ve shared some fantastic evidence of great cause marketing. I truly hope that it’s a segment that will explode

TOMS: A Case Study in Profitable Cause Marketing

A while ago I had written a plea via this blog to Stop Killing Cause Marketing. The problem was the clash and unintended consequences that consumers had when businesses applied their marketing efforts to profitable ventures while utilizing non-profits or charities to spread the word. Opponents of cause marketing believe that businesses are abusing the charity… and should just give any funding out of the goodness of their heart. My problem with that is sometimes

Stop Killing Cause Marketing

When a student needs money for a school lunch, it’s of little or no consequence to them where the money is coming from. They’re just hungry and need funds. It’s not just school lunches, it’s student grants and scholarships, medical goods, tutoring, daycare, and so much more. The list of needs is infinite and, in a downed economy, it continues to grow. Donations for Followers When the earthquake in Haiti happened, the Internet was buzzing