Social Reactor: 7,000 Social Influencers at Your Ready

ChaCha is a great company that I worked with for quite a while when I first launched my agency. It’s hard to believe that ChaCha is 8 years old… the company is agile and is constantly moving and improving. They’re not a Valley company, so they aren’t always in the spotlight – but they do always stick in the top websites in the world for traffic. And over time, I’ve seen them accumulate a huge

ChaCha Launches Social Affiliate Program

There are quite a few affiliate programs that I belong to but I’m quite picky about what I promote on our blog and via social. There’s an interesting dilemma when it comes to affiliate marketing, though. Most of the affiliate opportunities are based on your klout or the number of followers you have… not necessarily based on your influence and ability to convert prospects into customers. Affiliate systems are all over the place but ChaCha

Top Tech Trends of 2011

The folks at G+ (not to be confused with Google+) have developed this infographic on the top technology trends of online for 2011. The list is topped with Group Buying, a technology that exploded earlier in the year and has now become a feature that virtually every community has copied and incorporated into their strategy. Geolocation applications, tablets, cloud-based productivity apps, online video in Enterprise, Online Q&A (including our clients at ChaCha!), Crowdfunding, and Mobile

Google Panda’s Black Eye

It’s been a few months since Google improved its algorithms with the famous Panda update and we’re on the cusp of another one… Panda 2.2. I wrote my thoughts here and here… and still confused as to whether it actually improved anything. It did; however, hit large sites such as ChaCha without warning. ChaCha took the hit and immediately worked to improve some of the criticisms that they heard through SEO consultants… DK New Media

The Internet Runs Better without Flash

Steve Jobs was right. The first person who advised me to get a Flash blocker was Blake Matheny. Blake is one of the best engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with – and I’ve worked with him both at Compendium and at ChaCha. You’d think that I would have listened to a guy that transformed the entire infrastructure and platform at at least two different technology companies. I didn’t listen to him. I

Managing Your Application Programming Interface

It’s 2:30AM here in Paris, France… and I can’t sleep so what better to do than to write a blog post! DK New Media has worked recently with two companies recently who have implemented technology to manage their application programming interface (API). APIs have become a powerful and necessary feature to any platform so that marketers can integration and automate their systems. The difficult part of implementing APIs for your software platform is ensuring your