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  • Content MarketingExpressionEngine Open Source CMS

    ExpressionEngine: A Flexible, Developer-Friendly, and Well-Structured Open Source CMS

    The choice of a content management system (CMS) depends on individual needs and project objectives. ExpressionEngine targets users who demand advanced customization, structured content, security, and scalability. This open source platform stands out as a preferred content management system for many individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons, each contributing to its distinct appeal: Flexibility and Customization: ExpressionEngine’s hallmark…

  • Advertising TechnologyBeAddy: Ad Media Planning Platform

    BeAddy: Ad Media Planning Made Easy! Create, Execute, and Optimize Your Media Mix

    Businesses need efficient and effective tools to plan their ad media and stay ahead of the competition. Enter BeAddy, the comprehensive platform designed to address the challenges marketers and advertisers face in planning their ad media strategies. BeAddy provides valuable insights and control over the creation, execution, and optimization of their online advertising campaigns. Ad Creation: Streamline Your Ad Media…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan to achieve specific marketing goals and objectives using various online channels, mediums, and technologies. It involves identifying target audiences, setting marketing objectives, and leveraging digital platforms and tools to engage, convert, upsell, and retain customers. A well-designed digital marketing strategy can help businesses build brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and improve…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsOmnichannel Marketing Strategies and Data for Consumer and Brand Perspectives

    Omnichannel Marketing: A Tale of Two Perspectives

    Omnichannel marketing has two different perspectives: the brand and the consumer. For a consumer, it refers to all the diverse ways you can interact with a brand and desire the same experience in all of them. For brands, it’s about understanding the journeys, capturing the right information, and ensuring that the channels that perform best are getting the most attention.…

  • Martech Zone AppsCPA Calculator: How Is Cost Per Action Calculated?

    App: Cost Per Action Calculator

    Cost Per Action Calculator Campaign Results Direct Campaign Expenses * $ Expenses specifically for campaign. Total Actions * Number of actions (sale, lead, download, conversions) generated by the campaign. Traditional CPA $ This is the traditional Cost Per Action (Campaign Expenses / Total Actions). Platform Expenses Annual Platform Expenses * $ Annual platform licensing and support. Annual Campaigns Sent *…

  • Advertising TechnologyGoogle Analytics Channel Definitions

    Google Analytics: Why You Should Review And How To Modify Your Acquisition Channel Definitions

    We’re assisting a Shopify Plus client where you can buy leisurewear online. Our engagement is to assist them in the migration of their domain and optimization of their site to drive more growth through organic search channels. We’re also educating their team on SEO and helping them to set up Semrush (we are a certified partner). They had a default…

  • Advertising TechnologyChannable Feed Management

    Channable: Feed Your Products To Price Comparison Websites, Affiliates, Marketplaces, and Ad Networks

    Reaching audiences where they are is one of the greatest opportunities of any digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re selling a product or service, publishing an article, syndicating a podcast, or sharing a video – placement of those objects where there’s an engaged, the relevant audience is critical to your business’ success. It’s why virtually every platform has both a user…

  • Content MarketingLeads

    Maximize Your Inbound Marketing with this Lead Generation Checklist

    We’ve shared a comprehensive checklist on inbound marketing in the past which is focused on all of the different mediums, channels, and strategies you should deploy for a full-featured inbound marketing strategy. But not all inbound marketing strategies are there to capture and convert leads on a site. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines is a comprehensive look at the…

  • Marketing InfographicsInbound Marketing Checklist: Strategies Infographic

    The Inbound Marketing Checklist: 21 Strategies for Growth

    As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests to publish infographics on Martech Zone. It’s why we share infographics every week. We also ignore requests when we find infographics that simply show that the company hasn’t made a great investment to build out an infographic of value. When I clicked through on this infographic from Brian Downard, Co-Founder…

  • Ecommerce and Retail
    coupons discounts digital

    The Benefits of Testing Coupons and Discounts

    Do you pay a premium to acquire new leads, or offer a discount to attract them? Some companies won’t touch coupons and discounts because they fear devaluing their brand. Other companies have become dependent upon them, dangerously reducing their profitability. There’s little doubt whether or not they work, though. 59% of digital marketers said discounts and bundles are effective for…

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