Social Swipe: An Ingenious User Experience for Charitable Donations

Many times in marketing, it’s a great practice to go through the conversion process, identifying every single step and behavior, and understanding what solutions can be implemented to overcome it. For charities, it’s the disconnect between the service that’s doing the work and the time and location of the donation. This solution from Misereor, the Social Slide, is an ingenious solution to solving two distinct issues: People just aren’t carrying cash anymore. A donation box

Causes: Charity + Facebook = WIN!

I’m not a fan of Facebook, that probably won’t change anytime soon. Aside from the ridiculous ads that won’t go away no matter how many times I ask (see screenshot below), Facebook is a closed system – they want all activity to happen within their platform. This is constraining… and lessons should have been learned from AOL and MySpace. In my book, Twitter’s relentless push for openness and integration will ultimately outlast Facebook and its