Databox: Track Performance and Discover Insights in Real-Time

Databox is a dashboarding solution that where you can choose from dozens of pre-built integrations or use their API and SDKs to easily aggregate data from all of your data sources. Their Databox Designer doesn’t require any coding, with drag and drop, customization, and simple data source connections. Databox Features Include: Alerts – Set alerts for progress on key metrics through push, email, or Slack. Templates – Databox already has hundreds of templates ready to

Chartbeat Publishing: Real-Time Web Analytics

For sites that are publishing frequently and working to acquire traffic immediately through trending data, real-time statistics platforms like Chartbeat can help provide the insight your business needs. Key Benefits for Chartbeat Publishers include Knowing the stories that your readers dedicate their time and attention to so you can strategize your high-engagement content. Seeing exactly where your audience’s attention drops, so you can adapt your content and keep your readers on your page. Identifying the