How I Raised a Hullabaloo! aka Cheated…

My closest friends know how much I don’t like popularity contests. They seem to pop up all over the Internet, they waste a lot of time, and they aren’t too productive. C’mon – Ashton Kutcher has one of the biggest followings on Twitter. The only thing I remember him doing (besides Demi Moore) is “Dude, Where’s my Car?”. PS: The Kutcher’s recent social media campaign to eliminate child slavery is a great one, though! So

Shut Up and Savor the Great Posts?!

This is more of a question for discussion rather than a comment. My experience with blogging is that consistency is everything. If your readers expect to have new content on a daily basis, they will return to your site on a daily basis to get that content. A good question is: How many times will a visitor return to your website to check for new content before they stop returning? I’ve been doing some testing