The New Marketing Mandate: Revenue, Or Else

Unemployment fell to 8.4 percent in August, as America slowly recovers from the pandemic peak.  But employees, specifically sales and marketing professionals, are returning to a much different landscape. And it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  When I joined Salesforce in 2009, we were on the heels of the Great Recession. Our mentality as marketers was directly influenced by the economic belt-tightening that had just occurred across the globe.  These were lean times. But

Should Sales Teams Blog?

I happened to see a poll result from SellingPower and just about had a stroke when I saw the result. The question is Should Sales Teams Blog? Here are the results: Are you kidding me? 55.11% of companies forbid their sales people to blog? First of all… if that’s the case with a company I’m thinking of doing business with, that’s enough to change my mind. Here’s why: Honesty – Inherently, this means that the