If You Don’t Know What a WordPress Child Theme is…

You’re modifying WordPress themes incorrectly. We’ve worked with dozens of clients and built out hundreds of WordPress sites over the years. It’s not that our job is to create WordPress sites, but we wind up doing it for many clients. Clients don’t come to use WordPress sites very often. They typically come to us to help optimize their sites for search, social, and conversions. More often than not, we get access to the site to

Limit Jetpack’s Related Posts To A Specific Date

Today, I was double-checking an article that I had written and noticed that the related post that came up was from 9 years ago on a platform that no longer existed. So, I decided to take a deeper look at the Jetpack related posts options on my site and see if I could limit the date range. Jetpack does a fantastic job of selecting the relevant posts that are similar, but unfortunately, it has no

WordPress: Create Sidebars Automatically For Each Category

I’ve been simplifying this site to improve speed times and to attempt to monetize the site better without irritating my readers. There are multiple ways that I’ve monetized the site… here they are from most to least lucrative: Direct sponsorships from partner companies. We work on collective strategies that incorporate everything from webinars to social media shares to promote their events, products, and/or services. Affiliate marketing from an array of affiliate platforms. I scour and

Stop Updating Years in Business on Your WordPress Site with this Shortcode

One of the greatest things about WordPress is the flexibility to build out shortcodes. Shortcodes are basically substitution strings that you can insert into your content that renders dynamic content. I’m helping a client this week where they’re taking one of their products and rolling it out into a new domain. The site is hundreds of pages and has been quite an undertaking. As we’ve been working on the hit list of issues, one that

How to Enable and Optimize WordPress for Featured Images

When I set up WordPress for many of my clients, I always am sure to push them to incorporate featured images to throughout their site. Here’s an example from a Salesforce Consultant site that’s launching… I designed a featured image that is aesthetically pleasing, matches the overall branding, and provides some information about the page itself: While the other social media platforms have their own image dimensions, Facebook’s dimensions work well with all of the