Cinefy Professional iPhone Video Editing

One area of content marketing we’re looking to increase is our use of video. I’ve been observing how other bloggers have utilized video but I guess I’m a bit of a snob… I just want something better. We’re all walking around with HD cameras and tools are easy to use, so why would I smash together some crappy video talk I’m having with someone and push it on this blog that we’ve worked so hard

The Future Will Include Microsoft

I don’t mention Microsoft enough at Martech Zone. It’s really not excusable since the company has a huge footprint already. In talking to the COO of LiquidSpace, Doug Marinaro, and last week speaking with Josh Waldo, Microsoft is really making some incredible moves in laying a foundation with the Small Business owner. This investment early in the lives of companies is one that will pay off huge for Microsoft in the future. Josh Waldo was

What Are We Missing? Or Who’s Missing Us?

Robert Scoble asks, What are the tech bloggers missing? Your business! The post hit a nerve with me. Robert is absolutely right! As I read my RSS feeds on a daily basis, I’m tired of the same crap over and over again. Are Microsoft and Yahoo! talking again? Is Steve Jobs still running Apple? As Facebook continues to grow exponentially, will the ad revenue continue to suck? What is each founder of each mega-dot-com doing

Fail: Microsoft Adcenter Labs and .NET

People wonder why I don’t enjoy programming in ASP.NET. It’s because every time I do, I get some error page like this. I figure if the good folks at Microsoft can’t develop their own applications without doing it, how am I going to?! From Microsoft Adcenter Labs Demographics Prediction:

Video: Sliderocket Beta Coming Soon!

Click through if you don’t see the video. Excerpt: You’ve seen Microsoft’s PowerPoint. But you’ve never seen an Internet-enabled, collaborative presentation tool like Sliderocket — until now. Here Mitch Grasso, CEO and founder, tells us about Sliderocket the company and then shows us a demo. Sliderocket is preparing for a public beta soon, sign up today.

Workaround for PCAnywhere Bug with Vista

I’ve seen no LiveUpdate or documentation on this bug, but apparently it’s affecting other PCAnywhere Vista users as well. Rather than wait for Symantec to come up with a fix, I figured out that the rendering engine, Winawe32.exe is causing the problem. Right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager. Select the Processes tab. Highlight Winawe32.exe and click End Process. When warned, click Okay. Close PCAnywhere. Reopen PCAnywhere and you should see all of your