Infographic: 21 Social Media Statistics That Every Marketer Needs To Know In 2021

No doubt that the influence of social media as a marketing channel increases each year. Some platforms arise, such as TikTok, and some remain almost the same as Facebook, leading to progressive change in consumer behavior. However, with years people got used to brands presented on social media, so marketers need to invent new approaches to achieve success on this channel. That’s why keeping an eye on the latest trends is crucial to any marketing

Ambition: Gamification To Manage, Motivate, and Maximize Your Sales Team’s Performance

Sales performance is essential to any growing business. With an engaged sales team, they feel more motivated and connected to the organization’s goals and objectives. The negative impact of disengaged employees on an organization can be substantial — such as lackluster productivity, and wasted talent and resources. When it comes to the sales team specifically, a lack of engagement can cost businesses direct revenue. Businesses must find ways to actively engage sales teams, or risk

Micro-Moments and Customer Journeys

The online marketing industry continues to make progress in providing technology that is enabling marketers to both predict and provide roadmaps to help consumers and businesses convert. We’ve made some assumptions up to this point, though. The general theme of personas and sales funnels is much more porous and flexible than we ever imagined. Cisco has provided research that the average product purchased has over 800 distinct customer journeys that lead to it. Think about

Video Marketing Works

Everyone is making their year-end predictions. I think you can forego all the hoopla and work your marketing strategy this coming year based on all the facts. Multi-channel strategies, marketing automation, mobile and video are going to continue to drive engagement and traffic to your business. Here’s a great infographic with fantastic stats that support your need to implement a formal video marketing strategy in 2014. Delos Incorporated shares these Video Marketing Tips: Plan –

The Power of In-Person

A couple years ago, we actually had a meeting with some of the board at Cisco via Telepresence and it was nothing short of amazing. Speaking to someone full-size and face-to-face has incredible value. The folks at Cisco agree and have put out this infographic on the power of in-person meetings. The demands of a distributed globalized marketplace have altered the way organizations communicate with colleagues, supplier/partners, and customers who may be separated by long

Cisco I-Prize Telepresence: May 6th

The date is set for our final Cisco I-Prize presentation. I’m already nervous. We thought we were going to have to go up to Chicago or over to Cincinnati, but we found out last night that there’s a Telepresence location right in Carmel! The technology utilizes high-definition and Cisco’s network to stream the attendees as though you were right in the same room. Telepresence meetings will generate over a billion dollars in revenue for Cisco!

I’m a Cisco I-Prize Finalist – Please Support our Idea

It’s not often that an opportunity comes like this – a chance to win $250,000 and work with a company like Cisco to make your idea become a reality! Before you read on, we could use your support. Though our application has made it to the Finals, we’re looking pretty light on votes. If voting is still open, we’d appreciate if you would register and vote for us: Register for Cisco’s I-Prize Web Site Login