Vimeo gains Video Market Share: Traffic Up 269%

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research on video for my clients. Video is becoming a huge factor in the online experience; in fact, there’s a good chance that your site will get totally skipped over by a good percent of visitors unless you provide video. New smart phones are also optimized for video and viewership is screaming. Youtube is already the second largest search engine on the Internet. But other video platforms are

VideoHere: Integrate Video into Any Application

One of the gracious companies that I work with is Cantaloupe. They have an incredible product called Backlight that we’ll be hosting our videos with. The system provides incredible quality for hosting your online videos, provides you with ownership over those videos, and has a really compelling linking component that allows you to put links live in your video’s timeline. Combined with some great video analytics, it’s a robust package! The great folks at Cantaloupe

HUGE PROFITS… Secrets Revealed Now!

No, my site was not attacked by a spammer. This is still Doug writing this post and I’m doing it under my own free will. Have you ever hit a web page that advertises that they’re going to reveal all the secrets of the problems you’re looking to solve? The page starts with some incredibly written, formulaic text that sucks you in, bold images, compelling testimonials… pulling you down the page until you are magically