SocialTV = Video + Social + Interactive

Video technology is skyrocketing… from retina displays, to big screens, to 3D, AppleTV, Google TV… people are sharing and consuming greater volumes of video than ever in history. Added to the complexity is the second screen – interacting with a tablet or mobile device while you’re watching television. This is the advent of SocialTV. While traditional television viewership declines, SocialTV is showing a lot of promise. SocialTV is increasing viewership, helping promotion and even driving

Predicting Readership

If I don’t have anything to write about on my blog, I usually do some browsing and find some incredible links and share those instead. If you’re taking the time to return to my site or subscribe to my feed, I want to ensure I don’t waste your time by half-assing a blog post. Despite my efforts, some of my posts are stinkers and others get a ton of attention. After blogging for years now,

How Many Blog Posts?

An interesting question was posed to me today and I wanted to share it with you folks to get your thoughts. Is there an easy way to tell how many blog posts a person’s blog has? With WordPress, it’s pretty simple (perhaps too simple). Wrapping each post is a div with the Post ID. The Post ID happens to be synonymous with the number of posts. Thanks autonumber! :). I’m a little surprised that this

Fired: MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog Widgets

For those of you that have been long-time readers, you’ll notice that I removed the MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog sidebar widgets. I struggled with removing them for quite some time. I enjoyed seeing the faces of folks that visited my blog often – it made the readers seem like real people rather than stats on Google Analytics. I did a full analysis of each source and how they drove traffic to my site as well as