What I Learned at CloudCamp

Though delayed (1 week) due to snow last week, CloudCamp Indianapolis went off without a hitch tonight. If you’re not from Indianapolis – you should keep on reading. CloudCamp is relatively new and held in major cities all over the globe. Thanks to the subject matter expertise and industry leadership of BlueLock, we held a successful event right here in Indy. If you’re wondering what Cloud Computing is, Bluelock has provided some discussion of defining

I’m not going to Barnes and Nobles Today!

They built a Barnes and Nobles within a few miles of my home and it’s really a stunning store. I seem to always have a difficult time actually finding my books there, though. Borders seems to have a more finite means of organizing their shelves. Anyways, I really enjoy both stores but I’ve found myself at Barnes and Nobles more often because they have a Starbucks that has Wireless with AT&T. I haven’t been to