Advertising Psychology: How Thinking Versus Feeling Impacts Your Advertising Response Rates

The average consumer is exposed to an enormous volume of advertising every 24 hours. We’ve gone from the average adult exposed to 500 ads a day in the 1970s to as many as 5,000 ads a day today That’s about 2 million ads a year that the average person sees! This includes radio, television, search, social media, and print ads. In fact, 5.3 trillion display ads are shown online each year Since we are exposed

Why Small Changes in CPG Trade Marketing Promotions Can Lead to Big Results

The Consumer Goods sector is a space where large investments and high volatility often result in grand shifts in the name of effectiveness and profitability. Industry giants like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Nestle have recently announced reorganization and re-strategizing to spur growth and cost savings, while smaller consumer goods manufacturers are being hailed as agile, innovative party crashers experiencing significant success and acquisition attention. As a result, investment in revenue management strategies that can impact bottom-line

How 3D Printing Technology Will Transform Our Future

What size ring do you wear? Will a 1/2 carat diamond ring look too big on your finger? Well, if you’ve got a 3D Printer nearby, Brilliance allows you to print a prototype engagement ring in multiple sizes right now and try them on at home to see for yourself. No need to leave your home and go through a high-pressure sales meeting with a local jeweler, now you can shop around for the best

CloudCraze: The Ecommerce Platform Built for Salesforce

A key trend that we see right now on the web is the implementation of B2B and B2B2C via e-commerce. Even if your company has a sales team, the process of negotiation, proposal generation, and invoicing is all moving online. These methods used to connect to multiple systems, require manual intervention, and simply couldn’t be addressed by your standard ecommerce platform. That’s changing rapidly and a company that’s erupted in popularity is CloudCraze. CloudCraze is

Social Media Pundits are Ruining Corporate Social Media

Have you ever made a mistake on social media? I’ve made quite a few (and continue to make them). Not huge blunders, but blunders no less. I’ve made insensitive comments that could have been avoided. I’ve criticized people that I’ve respected so they think I’m a butthead. I share politics – the holy grail of social media blunders. I also mix business and pleasure throughout my corporate and personal accounts. I must suck at social

What is a Slogan? Slogans of Famous Brands and their Evolution

At DK New Media, our slogan is that We help companies meet their marketing potential. It fits a wide range of services that we offer – from product consulting, to content development, to online marketing optimization… everything we do is to identify gaps in strategies and help the companies fill those gaps. We haven’t gone so far as getting it trademarked, developing a viral video or adding a jingle… but I like the message it

This Fat Guy Loves Coca-Cola Marketing

I’m beyond fat… in fact, I need to lose the weight of an average man to get back to just being fat. I’d love to blame it on my thyroid, my genetics, my work, my stress level… something. The fact is, though, that it’s pretty straightforward. When I eat right and exercise, I lose weight. When I don’t exercise or eat right, I gain weight. During stressful times is when I tend to abandon my

The Secret of Building Your Brand like Nike or Coca-Cola

In the American branding structure, there are really only two types of brands: consumer-focused or product-focused. If you are going to do any work mucking around with your brand, or you are getting paid to muck around with someone else’s brand, you?d better know which type of brand you have.