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  • Marketing ToolsMicrosoft Visual Studio Code

    Is Visual Studio Code The Best OSX Code Editor On The Market?

    Every week I spend time with a good friend of mine, Adam Small. Adam is a great developer… he’s developed an entire real estate marketing platform that has incredible features – even just adding direct-to-mail options for his agents to send postcards without even having to design them! Like me, Adam has developed across the spectrum of programming languages and…

  • Content Marketingpinegrow preview

    Pinegrow: A Stunning Desktop Editor with WordPress Integration

    I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen a more beautiful code editor on the market than Pinegrow. The editor provides edit-in-place functionality along with real-time responsive previews. Best of all, Pinegrow doesn’t add any frameworks, layouts or styles to your code. Some key features of Pinegrow: Editing – Add, edit, move, clone or delete HTML elements. Live Editing – Edit…

  • Content Marketingsquad editor1

    Real-time Code Collaboration with Squad

    Alright code monkeys… this may be the greatest tool I’ve seen hit the market in a long time. If you’re a developer working in PHP, HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, this is a product that may excite you. The folks at Sproutbox have developed Squad, a real-time code editing and collaboration tool. Squad is to development what Google docs is to…

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