Is Visual Studio Code The Best OSX Code Editor On The Market?

Every week I spend time with a good friend of mine, Adam Small. Adam is a great developer… he’s developed an entire real estate marketing platform that has incredible features – even just adding direct-to-mail options for his agents to send postcards without even having to design them! Like me, Adam has developed across the spectrum of programming languages and platforms. Of course, he does it professionally and every day whereas I’m stuck developing every

Pinegrow: A Stunning Desktop Editor with WordPress Integration

I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen a more beautiful code editor on the market than Pinegrow. The editor provides edit-in-place functionality along with real-time responsive previews. Best of all, Pinegrow doesn’t add any frameworks, layouts or styles to your code. Some key features of Pinegrow: Editing – Add, edit, move, clone or delete HTML elements. Live Editing – Edit and test your page at the same time – even with dynamic JavaScript. Framework –

Real-time Code Collaboration with Squad

Alright code monkeys… this may be the greatest tool I’ve seen hit the market in a long time. If you’re a developer working in PHP, HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, this is a product that may excite you. The folks at Sproutbox have developed Squad, a real-time code editing and collaboration tool. Squad is to development what Google docs is to office suites. With Squad, a development team spread across the world can open up the