Social Media Pundits are Ruining Corporate Social Media

Have you ever made a mistake on social media? I’ve made quite a few (and continue to make them). Not huge blunders, but blunders no less. I’ve made insensitive comments that could have been avoided. I’ve criticized people that I’ve respected so they think I’m a butthead. I share politics – the holy grail of social media blunders. I also mix business and pleasure throughout my corporate and personal accounts. I must suck at social

Search Engine Optimization is Not a Project

From time to time, we have prospects come to us and ask us to put together a project quote on search engine optimization. Folks, search engine optimization is not a project. It’s not an effort that you can actually finish because you’re attacking a moving target. Everything changes with search: Search engines adjust their algorithms – Google is constantly adjusting to keep ahead of spammers and, most recently, content farms. Understanding how to present your

What Your Site Hierarchy Really Looks Like

So many companies I work with focus so much of their time on their home page, navigation, and subsequent pages. Many of them are bloated, with unnecessary marketingese and pages that no one reads – yet they still ensure that they are out there. Designers and agencies sit down and develop the site with a great hierarchy in mind that typically looks like this: They hope that ‘link juice’ is properly flowed from the most

The Secret of Building Your Brand like Nike or Coca-Cola

In the American branding structure, there are really only two types of brands: consumer-focused or product-focused. If you are going to do any work mucking around with your brand, or you are getting paid to muck around with someone else’s brand, you?d better know which type of brand you have.

bing + twitter = real time search

Microsoft unveiled a new feature for their bing search engine- twitter search.  It is located at and is already live.  According to Microsoft this is a major step toward a search that relies on real-time data as opposed to archived links.  The popularity of the tweeter will also have an impact on the ranking results. Google quickly followed Microsoft (you don’t hear that often!) and announced their own real-time twitter search later in the