The Problem with Web 3.0 Persists

Categorizing, filtering, tagging, collecting, querying, indexing, structuring, formatting, highlighting, networking, following, aggregating, liking, tweeting, searching, sharing, bookmarking, digging, stumbling, sorting, integrating, tracking, attributing… it’s downright painful. The Evolutions of The Web Web 0: In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee of CERN proposes an open Internet. The first website appears in 1991 with the World Wide Web Project. Web 1.0: By 1999 there are 3 million websites and users navigate primarily by word-of-mouth and directories like Yahoo! Web

Survey: Is Collecting or Engaging More Crucial?

As marketers, we produce content on a weekly (or even daily) basis geared towards our targets markets, encouraging our prospects to seek out and read our content. On one side of the coin, we’re hoping that they will engage and comment on our content so that we can start a (permission-based) conversation with them. On the other side, we also want them to fill out landing page forms to receive whitepapers or case studies, so