SEO: 10 Link Temptations To Avoid

5″ />Google’s gold standard of whether or not a website should be ranked well continues to change over time, but for quite a while the best method has gone unchanged… relevant backlinks from legitimate, authoritative sites. On page Search Engine Optimization and lots of great content may get your site indexed for specific keywords, but quality backlinks will drive up its rank. Since backlinks have become a known commodity, many linking scams and services continue

WordPress: The #1 Plugin every site MUST have

Today my site got demolished!!! I’m not sure which set of spambots got a hold of me, but they have been killing my website all day. These are comment spam-bots that try over and over again to submit comment Spam. WordPress has no protection against this type of attack. And Akismet only helps AFTER the submission of the comment spam. I needed something that would basically deny the post and that’s exactly what the Bad