Testing Livefyre Sidenote for Commenting

We’ve moved between commenting systems a few times on Martech Zone. Luckily, all the key platforms will synchronize comments (we don’t use them if they don’t). Comments are becoming a topic nowadays since comment spam is rampant and many of the most colorful conversations are happening offline, leading some very large blogs to turn off commenting altogether. I’m with friend Lorraine Ball on this one who states: To me, a blog without comments is like

Comments Keep Visitors Reading Your Blog

They clicked on your page… they read the blog entry that they came for. Nothing else really interested them. You know that you’ve got a lot of interesting posts that any reader might be interested in, but how can you show them to your newest readers that are ‘just passing by’? Today I got some fantastic traffic. I’m a Mac, I’m a PC got on the front page of Netscape and has gotten over a