EDO: Measuring Consumer Engagement in TV Advertising

When people discuss digital advertising, they often omit traditional broadcast channels like television and radio. But the broadcast company of yesterday is no longer just broadcasting… they’re capturing engagement metrics and usage down to the second. Every interaction you’re making on your remote is being recorded to better optimize programming and target advertising. What was once the advantage of modern streaming services is now being incorporated into traditional television advertising. A better means of capturing

Old Spice Inspires: When in Doubt, Go Dumb

Sometimes I love marketing and developing long-term strategies that change the perception of a business, increase the reception of a brand, drive sales and skyrocket a company’s success. Today isn’t one of them. The online marketing world is ablaze at the brilliant strategy of the Old Spice guy. If you’re one of the few that hadn’t heard, the Old Spice guy is hard at work answering Tweets through his Youtube channel personally. He’s responding to