14 Different Terms Used Across Marketing Automation Platforms

I’m not sure why marketers always feel compelled to make up their own terminology for virtually everything… but we do. Even though marketing automation platforms have fairly consistent features, each of the most popular marketing automation providers call each feature something different. If you’re evaluating platforms, this could get pretty confusing as you look to the features of one over the other when in honesty, all the same features are present. Sometimes, it sounds like

12 Steps to Building Demand for Your New Agency

Last week was an amazing week at Social Media Marketing World where I spoke on the topic of Influencer Marketing. While the audience was mostly corporations looking for advice on how to implement at successful strategy, I returned home and had a good question from one of the attendees curious about how I built enough influence and demand to start my own agency. I want to know how I can go about getting clients (that

Here’s How You Generate More Leads with Social Media

I was just meeting with a business owner and describing the amazing way that social media has not only driven business to my company, but to our clients as well. There seems to be an ongoing pessimism as it stands with social media and it’s impact on lead generation and I believe it needs to be corrected. Most of the issues with social media and lead generation have nothing to do with the actual results,

Trust, Social Media and Sponsoring Passion

Last year when I attended Social Media Marketing World, I had the most incredible conversations with Cheryl Viirand, founder of Freedible. Cheryl’s story is nothing short of amazing – she’s an attorney who worked on some of the technology industry’s largest acquisitions turned food evangelist. The transition happened when Cheryl suffered some disastrous and undiagnosed illnesses personally and with her child. At issue were food allergies and sensitivities that were devastating her life and her

Commun.it: Easy Twitter Community Management

This week, I was invited to speak at Smartups (Smarter Marketing + Startups) by its founder, Tim Flint. Tim is a local analytics guru. My conversation was on optimization and I spoke about it specifically around analytics… but also how optimization has impacted my business efforts as well. One area that I touched on was the dichotomy of needing numbers to attract, but then ignoring chasing the numbers and optimizing the following you have. Specific

Kaleio: A Global Workforce Social Network

If your primary motivation online is to connect and share information with other industry professionals, or to connect with clients and vendors, Facebook is quickly becoming unmanageable. Between the personal photos and advertising, it’s getting noisy. LinkedIn is still the place to be but Kaleio is looking to foster communication and connect professionals a bit differently. Their platform is laid out, without any clutter, into a newsfeed, a solutions posting board for QnA, an Events

Maker’s Mark Has Social Under A Barrel – More Branch Water, Please!

I recently read the post over at The Church of the Customer, written by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell (two of the smartest folks in this business), regarding the hoopla over at Maker’s Mark. Maker’s Mark is one brand under the umbrella of the Beam family of products.  Even our friend over at Raidious, Dodge Lile, chimed in with some astute observations. It seems that Maker’s Mark had decided to dilute their product to stretch ongoing inventory,

Audience vs Community: Do You Know the Difference?

We had an amazing conversation with Allison Aldridge-Saur of Chickasaw Nation on Friday and I would encourage you to listen to it. Allison has been working on a fascinating project as part of the Digital Vision grant, writing a series on Native American Lessons for Community Building. In part two of her series, Allison discusses Audiences versus Communities. This struck me as one of the most important elements of the entire series. I’m not sure