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  • Advertising TechnologyHow Marketing Agencies Are Growing Their Businesses

    Three Ways Marketing Agencies Are Innovating and Growing Value With Their Clients

    Digital marketing is one of the fastest evolving industries out there. Driven by economical instability and fast-emerging technology, digital marketing is changing every year. Is your marketing agency keeping up with all those changes or are you providing the same service you did 10 years ago? Don’t get me wrong: It is perfectly ok to be good at one specific…

  • Content Marketing
    Depositphotos 79863324 m 2015

    Judge Name Ideas From Audience’s Perspective

    When judging naming ideas, keep in mind the real world experience, not the pseudo-experience of creative presentations. Here’s the thing, when you say or show a name idea to someone with the intention of getting her buy-in or feedback, she doesn’t have the same experience that the consumer in the field will have. When you present the name ideas, your…

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