50+ Online SEO Tools for Audits, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword Research, and Rank Tracking

We’re always on the lookout for great tools and with a $5 billion industry, SEO is one market that has a ton of tools to help you. Whether you’re researching you or your competitors’ backlinks, trying to identify keywords and cocurrence terms, or simply trying to monitor how your site is ranking, here are the most popular SEO tools and platforms on the market. Key Features of Search Engine Optimization Tools and Tracking Platforms Audits

Marketing Data: The Key to Stand Out in 2021 and Beyond

In the present day and age, there is no excuse for not knowing who to market your products and services to, and what your customers want. With the advent of marketing databases and other data-driven technology, gone are the days of untargeted, unselected, and generic marketing. A Short Historical Perspective Before 1995, marketing was mostly done through mail and advertising. After 1995, with the advent of email technology, marketing became a little more specific. It

Keep Watch on Your Online Competition with Rivalfox

Rivalfox collects data from a variety of sources on your competitors and makes the data easily accessible from a single competitor data hub. Sources include traffic, search, website, newsletter, press, social and even people and job changes. Rivalfox is a SaaS solution that puts cutting-edge competitive intelligence into your hands. We believe that by learning from your competitors, you can grow faster, avoid mistakes and gain the advantage. With Rivalfox, companies of all sizes can

Notablist: Design Inspiration and Competitive Research for Email Marketers

Notablist markets themselves as the Email Newsletter Search Engine, having indexed over 5 million search email newsletters across over 400,000 Publishers. Tools like these are fantastic for designers who wish to get inspiration from key brands or digital marketers who want to see when their competitors are sending and what kind of newsletters and deals are being communicated. If you’re a business that doesn’t have the resources to test, these tools can be particularly helpful since

BuzzSumo: Research Top Content by Topic, Domain, or Author

BuzzSumo is a search engine that enables marketers to analyze articles, infographics, guest posts, giveaways, interviews and videos for the most impactful content, competitors and influencers. Aside from filtering by content type, BuzzSumo has some extremely helpful advanced search options: Exclude words: mobile -apple or mobile -nokia.com Search multiple words: mobile OR smartphone or mobile OR smartphone OR iphone Find an exact phrase: "mobile marketing" or "smartphone marketing" Search by URL or Domain: martech.zone Search