Your Marketing Platforms Are Not as Accurate As You Think

Many people don’t realize the limitations of analytics and marketing platforms in measuring unique visitors. Most of these platforms measure a visitor by placing a cookie, a small file that is referred to each time a visitor returns to the site using the same browser. The problem is that I may not revisit your site from the same browser… or I may delete my cookies. If I visit your site on my mobile phone, tablet,

The Joy of Clicking

Ecommerce is a science – but it’s not a mystery. The best online retailers have cleared a path for the rest of us by implementing thousands of testing strategies and providing reams of data for others to see and learn from. Today, nearly one-third of the total Internet population shops online. For retailers, this number proves the growing power of online sales. To attract these connected consumers, retailers must make purchasing on their website pleasant,

How bad DO sites overstate their number of visitors?

ComScore just released its White Paper on Cookie Deletion. Cookies are little files that web pages access to save information in for marketing, analysis, analytics, and to assist with user experience. For instance, when you check a box to save your login information on a site, it’s typically saved in a Cookie and accessed the next time you open that page. What is a unique visitor? For analytical purposes, every time a web page sets