Deltek ConceptShare: Creative Review, Proofing, and Approvals Online

As companies are looking to boost productivity with smaller teams, they need tools that can help them increase efficiency. For marketing and creative teams that means meeting project demands on time, coordinating with the client or coworkers, completing edits, getting approvals and delivering the project by a certain deadline. That’s where Deltek’s ConceptShare solution can help. The tool enables marketing and creative teams to deliver more content faster and at less cost by streamlining and speeding up

Plan, Share, Collaborate and Distribute Creative Work

We’ve written about Digital Asset Management in the past. Widen, a Digital Asset Management company, has now partnered with ConceptShare. The pairing of these platforms allows you to plan, share, collaborate and distribute your creative work. This is a great pairing… enabling workflow processing around any digital asset – especially high-bandwidth, large video file distribution. ConceptShare is a Creative Operations Management (COM) platform that allows marketing and creative services teams to route, review, collaborate on

Am I an A**hole?

Am I an a**hole? Readers of my blog typically stick up for me and speak to the respect, passion and compassion I try to provide through my blog. It’s definitely a persona that I project and one that I try to work to perfect each day. Blog posts have the advantage of pre-planning (although in the past, I have been pretty blunt), but real-life doesn’t quite work that way. I’ve always had a voracious appetite