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  • Content MarketingRoyalty-Free HD Stock Video, Visual Effects, and Video Plugin Subscriptions from ProductionCrate

    ProductionCrate: Subscribe To This One-Stop Shop Of HD Royalty-Free Stock Video, Visual Effects, And Plugins

    Video production can be a challenging, time-consuming, and expensive process. Even if you have the best equipment and editing software, you still typically need to find high-quality stock video, audio, and video effects to make your videos look and sound their best. ProductionCrate is a subscription-based service that provides filmmakers and video creators access to high-quality stock video, audio, and…

  • Content Marketingmindjet enterprise

    MindMapping and Collaboration for the Enterprise

    Our client, Mindjet, has launched a new offering specifically designed for enterprises. In addition, they rolled out an update to their Connect collaborative work management product – bringing full integrations across Web, desktop and mobile devices for anytime, anywhere collaboration (and a new website to match the new solutions). Mindjet Connect V4 continues the product evolution to provide a single…

  • Search Marketing

    Saving a Dime to Spend a Dollar

    Last night I watched the beginning (but missed the rest) of Oprah’s Big Give show. I loved the premise – provide someone with $2,500 and the person who does the best job at raising the most money wins. At the heart of the show was that you had to go and meet the person or people you were helping. As…

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