What is the Impact of Online Consumer Reviews on Your Business?

We worked closely with a company who advised businesses selling products via Amazon. By working on both optimizing a product page and incorporating strategies to collect reviews from customers, they’re able to increase the visibility of your products in internal product searches… ultimately increasing sales exponentially. It’s difficult work, but they’ve got the process down pat and continued to repeat it for more and more clients. Their service spells out the impact of consumer reviews on

Consumers Do Not Buy Perfection Anymore

One of the most wonderful transformations that I believe social media has brought about is the destruction of the perfect brand. No longer do consumers expect perfection… but we do expect honesty, customer service, and fulfillment of any promises a company set expectations for. In a client luncheon last week at Bitwise Solutions, President and CEO Ron Brumbarger told his clients that Bitwise will make mistakes… but that they would always do their best to