10 Things Your Agency Missed That Continue to Hurt Your Business

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with the regional National Speakers Association, led by Karl Ahlrichs. For public speakers, it’s critical to have a great web presence and the majority of the attendees were surprised to find some huge gaps in their strategy. Most of this is because the industry has changed considerably… and most agencies haven’t kept up. If you simply put up a website, it’s like opening a store in

10 Features Missing From Your Blog

Some of the feedback I’ve received from readers is that I’ve not been providing a lot of feedback about blogging on Martech Zone. So – today I thought I’d take a different approach and look at the technology around your blogging program to provide readers with a checklist of features to review and ensure their blog has. Robots.txt – If you go to the root (base address) of your domain, add robots.txt to the address.