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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat does a digital marketer do? A day in the life of infographic

    What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

    Digital marketing is a multifaceted domain that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It demands expertise in various digital channels and the ability to connect with the audience in the digital sphere. A digital marketer’s role is to ensure the brand’s message is disseminated effectively and resonates with its target audience. This necessitates strategic planning, execution, and constant monitoring. In digital marketing,…

  • Content Marketing
    What is a Wiki?

    What is a Wiki?

    A wiki is a collaborative platform or website that allows users to create, edit, and organize content collectively. The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wiki-wiki, which means fast or quick. This name was chosen to emphasize the ease and speed with which information can be shared and updated on these platforms. The concept was coined by Ward Cunningham…

  • Search MarketingDemandwell: AI-Driven SEO Recommendations and Suggestions

    PageAdviser: AI-Driven SEO Recommendations and Suggestions

    Demandwell is on a mission to revolutionize how marketers grow their business with SEO, by leveraging a powerful trifecta: Generative AI – GenAI Tools that deeply understand written language and its context. SEO Data – Industry-specific subject matter & proprietary data that drives decision-making. Personalization – Contextual understanding of your business, your data, and your goals. Our AI Writer is…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingWhy People Follow Brands on Social Media

    What Makes Consumers Want to Follow a Brand on Social Media in 2024?

    Social media has become more than a platform for social interaction; it’s become a dynamic hub for brands to engage with prospects and customers. The reason behind this transformation is deeply rooted in the behavior and preferences of consumers. Understanding why individuals follow brands on social media can offer valuable insights into crafting strategies that resonate with target audiences. The…

  • Content MarketingB2B Brand and Content Marketing Strategies Infographic

    How B2B Marketers Should Step Up Their Brand and Content Marketing Strategies in 2024

    As B2B marketers, navigating the ever-evolving buyer journey has become increasingly complex. This changing landscape demands a multidimensional approach where brand strategy and demand generation go hand in hand. The statistics are compelling: 80% of B2B buyers now prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service. This means your digital footprint can no longer be an afterthought—it must be the cornerstone…

  • Content Marketing
    Aprimo: Content Optimization, Collaboration, Digital Asset Management, AI Tools

    Aprimo: Collaborative AI Tools For Content Optimization and Digital Asset Management

    In response to the remarkable AI tech boom over the past year, businesses worldwide are rapidly integrating cutting-edge technologies into their operations. Yet, amidst this technological revolution, what truly distinguishes forward-thinking companies is the adoption of new tools and a clear understanding of how and why to use them. Central to this is the recognition that AI does not exist…

  • Content MarketingHow to get team participation in your corporate blogging strategy

    How to Include Your Team in Your Business Blogging Strategy

    One of the most common recommendations out there for organizations trying to create a steady stream of content is to look inward for contributions. After all, who knows your business better than the people who work at it every single day? And what could be more cost-effective than having the people you’re already paying transform into your own personal content…

  • Ecommerce and RetailBillo: buy UGC product videos for ecommerce

    Billo: Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates with Targeted User-Generated Videos

    User-generated videos are social proof that builds consumer trust in your product or brand. Trust is a critical aspect of driving a visitor into a customer. Consumers who viewed user-generated videos had a 161% higher conversion rate than those who didn’t. Yotpo Data Labs The challenge of acquiring genuine, user-generated videos (UGC) for product promotion is significant. Traditional advertising methods often fall short in…

  • Content MarketingPlanable Content Workflow, Collaboration, and Approval Management Platform

    Planable: Streamlining Content Workflows, Approvals, and Publishing for Marketing Teams

    Content creation and management can often become cumbersome and have inefficiencies and miscommunications. This is particularly true for teams relying on traditional spreadsheets or basic task managers for content planning. Specifically, content teams have the following challenges: Time-Consuming Approvals: Getting content approved can be a lengthy, frustrating process, consuming significant work hours. Disjointed Communication: Teams often struggle with miscommunications and…

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