Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present and Future

Each year I struggle with whether or not to write a predictions post or promote someone else’s. Kapost has put together this infographic – The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present & Future: The goal of our infographic was to take a snapshot of the past, the present, and not-too-distant future of marketing. We hope you like it. Predictions concern me because they may set an expectation that simply won’t come to fruition. I believe the

Not All SEO Professionals Are Created Equal

While I was at Compendium, I was often confronted by SEO professionals who liked to challenge every little thing across the application. At issue was that these folks was used to working on a set number of pages with a few keywords and then maximizing the impact of those select pages. They weren’t used to using a platform where they could target hundreds of terms and write limitless amounts of good content to build results.