8 Ways for You to Create Content that Creates Customers

These last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing all of our clients’ content to identify the content that’s driving the most awareness, engagement, and conversions. Every company that hopes to acquire leads or to grow their business online has to have content. With trust and authority being two keys to any purchase decision and content drives those decisions online. That said, it only requires a quick look at your analytics before you figure out that the

12 Ideas to Differentiate Your Content Marketing

I love the fact that our readers stick with us even though we don’t get too wildly creative. Curating and publishing a ton of infographics helps differentiate our publication from others out there – but we’ve not gone too far beyond that. Our podcast interviews series with marketing leaders is one effort. Most of the reason we stick to concise textual content is purely from an efficiency standpoint. We have a ton of topics to

DivvyHQ: High Volume Content Planning and Workflow

If you’re working at an enterprise company, content planning and execution is central to your overall marketing strategy. The challenge is managing ideas, resources, assignments, and reviewing overall production status. DivvyHQ‘s platform provides all the tools necessary from ideation to execution. The platform was designed for both content and social media publishing. DivvyHQ is a cloud-based, content planning and production workflow tool built to help marketers and content producers get/stay organized and successfully execute demanding,

How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

This is an interesting infographic on creating content ideas for a new client but I’m not sure I agree with the overall direction of the strategy. I actually would flip this upside down and start with who the customer is – not who the company is. Then I would determine the value that you could provide that customer… and work back from there. I believe most companies make the mistake of centering their content around

Relaborate: Produce Better Content More Frequently

When I was working for Compendium, the only difference between successful corporate blogging programs and those that struggled was the volume of relevant, remarkable content that they were able to produce. Years later and this is still the issue with almost every client or prospect we have when it comes to building out their content marketing strategy. There are a few reasons… lack of resources, push for content perfection, and the last is not knowing