The Top Content Marketing Tips for Driving More Traffic and Engagement

This week I’m back in the office from speaking in Sioux Falls at the Concept ONE Expo.  I did a keynote presentation on how companies could relaunch their digital marketing program to save time, save resources, improve the omni-channel digital experience, and – ultimately – drive more business results. Some of the advice was counter-intuitive to industry standards and best practices. However, that was sort of the point of my keynote… remarkable content doesn’t often

Your Complete Content Marketing Checklist

Textbroker has put together this infographic on The 5 Steps to a Successful Content Strategy. The 5 areas are: Audit and Analysis Goal Definition Development and Planning Creation and Seeding Monitoring and Controlling If I were to squeeze anything in, it would be Promotion. While seeding with influencers is helpful, paid content promotion through social channels, native advertising, and pay-per-click are amazing strategies. Typically, we begin promotion after validating that the content is resonating with

The Current State of Content Marketing 2014

When I find an infographic like this one from LinkSmart, a content promotion platform, I always feel good about writing Corporate Blogging for Dummies and the timeless advice that it has provided companies. While the search engine chapter may be a bit out of date, the rest of the strategies are solid within the book. Corporate blogging is the lynchpin of any content marketing strategy and has grown exponentially year after year. We live in