9 Marketing Tools to Help You Quickly Create Better Blog Content

What’s the point of content marketing? Is it just about developing great content and promoting it across multiple channels to get the attention of your audience? Well that’s the biggest part. But content marketing is much more than that. If you limit your approach to those basics, you’ll check the analytics and you’ll realize that the content hasn’t attracted significant traffic.  ClearVoice surveyed 1,000 marketers to find out what the biggest content challenges were. The

gShift: A Case Study in SaaS Onboarding Best Practices

We are implementing a couple of enterprise software applications right now. It’s fascinating seeing the difference in onboarding strategies that each company has developed. As I look back at my history in the SaaS industry, assisting over a dozen companies develop their product marketing, I believe I’ve seen the best and worst of onboarding strategies. First, I believe there are four key stages to Software as a Service onboarding: Post Sales – It’s critical at this