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  • Advertising TechnologyB2B Content List For Business Buyer's Journey

    A Must-Have List of Content EVERY B2B Business Needs To Feed The Buyer’s Journey

    It’s puzzling to me that B2B Marketers will often deploy a plethora of campaigns and produce an endless stream of content or social media updates without the very basic minimum, well-produced content library that every prospect is seeking when researching their next partner, product, provider, or service. The base of your content must directly feed your buyers’ journey. Years ago,…

  • Content Marketing
    What is Content Marketing?

    What is Content Marketing?

    Even though we’ve been writing about content marketing for over a decade, I think it’s important that we answer basic questions for both students of marketing as well as validate the information provided to experienced marketers. Content marketing is an expansive term that covers a ton of ground. The term content marketing itself has become the norm in the digital…

  • Content MarketingMarketing to Engineers

    Need Help Marketing to Technical Audiences? Start Here

    Engineering isn’t a profession as much as it is a way of looking at the world. For marketers, considering this perspective when speaking to highly discerning technical audiences can be the difference between being taken seriously and being ignored. Scientists and engineers can be a tough audience to crack, which is the catalyst for the State of Marketing to Engineers Report.…

  • Content Marketing
    content marketing strategies

    How Much are Businesses Investing in Content Marketing Strategies?

    This infographic from Tamba, the Content Marketing Revolution, has just about the best collection of statistics for both B2B and B2C businesses to justify increasing their efforts and expense on content marketing strategies. Interestingly enough, almost half of all writing and design services are outsourced to content specialists. Be sure to read our in-depth post on what Content Marketing is…

  • Content Marketingcontent marketing

    The Gold Standard of Content Marketing

    Newsreach has released both an infographic and accompanying whitepaper, The True Value of Content Marketing. Individual pieces of high quality content are capable of attracting and engaging web users, but on their own will not have the impact you want. Content Marketing requires an ongoing effort to produce fresh, relevant high-quality pieces. Many businesses face challenges in producing the volume…

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