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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat does a digital marketer do? A day in the life of infographic

    What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

    Digital marketing is a multifaceted domain that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It demands expertise in various digital channels and the ability to connect with the audience in the digital sphere. A digital marketer’s role is to ensure the brand’s message is disseminated effectively and resonates with its target audience. This necessitates strategic planning, execution, and constant monitoring. In digital marketing,…

  • Content MarketingInPowered: AI-Powered Content Intelligence and AI-Powered Content Distribution

    InPowered: Elevate Your Content Marketing with AI-Powered Content Intelligence and Distribution

    Businesses face the ongoing challenge of creating engaging content and ensuring it reaches the right audience effectively. The saturation of content across platforms makes it increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and accurately measure the impact of their content marketing efforts. This environment demands solutions that streamline content creation and optimize its distribution to enhance engagement and conversion rates.…

  • Analytics & TestingWhat is Marketing Data Analytics?

    What Is Marketing Data Analytics? Why Your Business Should Embrace It

    Let’s face it – collecting and analyzing customer data from diverse channels can be a daunting task.  When done ineffectively, it can negatively impact decision-making, leading to business failure.  I’ve witnessed how poor data quality results in a frustrating cycle of missed opportunities and underachieved marketing goals. 21% of respondents experienced marketing budget wastage (1 in 5 dollars lost) because…

  • Content MarketingInfographic about the 6 types of content businesses should use

    Infographics: 6 Types of Content Your Business Should Be Producing To Reach All Prospects and Customers

    Customers today have diverse preferences regarding the medium they use to seek information. Depending on their situation, different content types are appropriate. As a savvy marketer, understanding these preferences and leveraging the right content types is essential for engaging, converting, and retaining your target audience. Recent research from Skyword reveals that the average brand has diversified its approach to content…

  • Content Marketing
    Content Library

    What Is A Content Library? Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Failing Without Building Yours

    Years ago, we worked with a company that had several million articles published on their site. The problem was that very few articles were read, even fewer ranked in search engines, and less than one percent had revenue attributed to them. They hired us for search engine optimization (SEO) but it quickly grew into a far more complex engagement where…

  • Content MarketingHow to Develop a Content Calendar

    6 Steps To Reimagining An Effective Content Calendar For the New Year

    Getting content right is easier said than done. For small businesses in particular, the act of setting up a coherent content schedule that’s bound to inspire your customers and generate leads can be time-consuming and difficult to pull off. However, with the right content calendar in place, the challenge of generating the right level of appeal to your audience can…

  • Content MarketingContent Optimization Strategy Questions

    Five Questions You Need To Answer When Optimizing Your Content Marketing Strategies

    Off and on I notice that some social media pundits tell companies it doesn’t matter where they participate in social media, only that they actually do. Others argue the development of a social media strategy before ever starting. There are five questions you need to ask yourself when creating content on the web: Where should the content be placed? –…

  • Sales Enablement
    B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2021

    B2B Content Marketing Statistics

    Elite Content Marketer developed an incredibly comprehensive article on Content Marketing Stats that every business should digest. There’s not a client that we don’t incorporate content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. The fact is that buyers, especially business-to-business (B2B) buyers, are researching problems, solutions, and providers of solutions. The library of content that you develop should be…

  • Content MarketingWinning Content Marketing Strategy

    5 Steps to Creating a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

    Content marketing is the fastest growing and most effective way to market your business, but creating a winning strategy can be hard. Most content marketers are struggling with their strategy because they don’t have a clear process for creating it. They’re wasting time on tactics that don’t work instead of focusing on strategies that do.  This guide outlines 5 steps you…

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