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    How To Monetize Content

    15 Ways That Content Creators Can Monetize Their Work

    Brands enlist content to drive awareness within their industry, acquire prospective clients that are researching online, and are using content to drive retention by assisting customers to be successful with their products or services. The challenge with a brand utilizing content is overcoming the hesitation associated with a prospect or customer seeing the content purely to drive revenue (which is…

  • Content MarketingWhat Is A Google Web Story

    Google Web Stories: A Practical Guide To Providing Fully Immersive Experiences

    In this day and age, we as consumers want to digest content as quickly as possible and preferably with very little effort.  That’s why Google introduced their own version of short-form content called Google Web Stories.  But what are Google web stories and how do they contribute to a more immersive and personalised experience? Why use Google web stories and…

  • Content MarketingJeeng Content Publisher Monetization vs Paywall

    Publishers: Paywalls Need to Die. There’s a Better Way to Monetize

    Paywalls have become commonplace in digital publishing, but they’re ineffective and create a barrier to the free press. Instead, publishers must use advertising to monetize new channels and give consumers the content they crave for free. Back in the 90s, when publishers began moving their content online, there emerged a range of strategies: only the major headlines for some, whole…