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  • Search MarketingSEO Automation List, Taks, and Resources

    What Search Engine Optimization Tasks Can You Automate?

    The digital marketing arena is witnessing an unprecedented complexity in search engine optimization (SEO) driven by the emergence of diverse search features like local search, map packs, intricate schema markup, ranking factor changes, the expansive knowledge graph, and the dynamic nature of search algorithms. These advancements represent a double-edged sword: they provide sophisticated ways to enhance visibility and user engagement…

  • Analytics & TestingWebsite Bounce Rates: Definition, Industry Trends, and How To Improve Them

    Website Bounce Rates: Definitions, Benchmarks, and Industry Averages for 2023

    A website bounce is when a visitor lands on a web page and leaves without interacting further with the site, such as clicking on links or taking meaningful actions. The bounce rate is a metric that measures the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Depending on the site’s purpose and the visitor’s…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationImprove Your Inbox Placement by Increasing Email Engagement Signals to ISPs with InboxAlly

    InboxAlly: Improve Your Inbox Placement by Increasing Email Engagement Signals to ISPs

    Emails flood inboxes from every direction, and internet service providers (ISPs) are challenged to identify good senders from malicious ones. The challenge of ensuring your carefully crafted messages reach their intended recipients has become paramount. Amidst the complexities of spam filters, stringent algorithms, and shifting sender reputations, the struggle to secure a spot in the coveted inbox rather than the…

  • Search MarketingGoogle Ranking Factors for Organic Search - On-page and Off-page

    What Are The Top Organic Ranking Factors For Google in 2023?

    Google continues to enhance its algorithms for organic search ranking with major updates over the years. Thankfully, the latest algorithm change, the helpful content update, is hyper-focused on ranking content that’s written for and by people rather than content made primarily for search engine traffic. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t aware of the continued updates and are hiring SEO professionals that…

  • Advertising TechnologyTelevision and the Internet: Marketing Takaways

    Marketing Takeaways for the Convergence of Television and Internet

    The convergence of television and the internet represents one of the most significant shifts in media consumption behavior and content distribution strategies in recent years. The television industry is undergoing a radical evolution, with a surge in new technologies and services that cater to the modern viewer’s demand for flexibility, choice, and convenience. These innovations have introduced a suite of…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhy Marketing Data Is Key To Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Data: The Key to Stand Out in 2021 and Beyond

    In the present day and age, there is no excuse for not knowing who to market your products and services to, and what your customers want. With the advent of marketing databases and other data-driven technology, gone are the days of untargeted, unselected, and generic marketing. A Short Historical Perspective Before 1995, marketing was mostly done through mail and advertising.…

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