LookBookHQ: Content Engagement and Automation Platform

As we develop content strategies for our clients, we often work across mediums and layers of intent. We push a lot of broad content that gateways into detailed infographics that gateway into white papers or case studies. For the visitor researching their next purchase, they appreciate the focus from broad to narrow without wasting their time. What if that content journey could be nurtured, personalized based on visitor data, and driven through relevant campaigns at

Spundge: Collaborative Content Curation for Teams

Spundge makes it easy to track the best information, distill knowledge, form compelling ideas, and create influential content. They have both a free version and a professional version of their platform. Spundge PRO is a content platform that enables teams and individuals to discover, curate, create and distribute engaging, influential content. Spundge allows you to: Track – Keep track of the best content, nicely organized into Notebooks by topics, events, people or any structure that