5 Advantages & Tips for Purchasing Content

This week, we asked our visitors using Zoomerang if they would ever buy content to supplement their blog or website: 30% said Never! That’s not authentic! 30% said they might purchase some research or data 40% said they would buy content While I understand hesitation to purchasing external content, we’ve seen some great results with our clients at DK New Media. Sometimes, it’s best to think of purchasing external content as hiring a contractor. Would

Marketing Pilgrim means Coopetition

Andy’s blog, Marketing Pilgrim, is a must read that I’ve been subscribed to for quite some time. I remember the first time Andy referenced my blog – I was incredibly flattered! Andy is a great example of where I’d like my blog and business to be in a few years. The amazing thing about blogging is that the personal touch involved always allows for a unique perspective. Each unique perspective, even if they contrast one