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  • Artificial IntelligenceAI and Customer Experience Lessons Learned

    How AI Can Improve The Customer Experience: 5 Lessons Learned

    Consumers today are becoming more discerning about which brands they trust and support. 71% of surveyed consumers believe that trusting the brands they purchase from or use is now more crucial than it was in the past. Gen Z appears to prioritize this trust even more. The report also reveals that consumers are interested in continuous interactions with brands beyond…

  • Content MarketingEmoji Use In B2B and B2C Marketing

    Are Emojis Effective In Your Marketing Communications?

    I’m not sold on using emojis (graphical representations of emoticons). I find emojis somewhere in between texting shortcuts and cussing. I personally love using them at the end of a sarcastic comment, just to let the person know I don’t want them to punch me in the face. However, I’m far more careful when utilizing them in a business atmosphere.…

  • Artificial IntelligenceLandbot: Chatbot Conversational Design Guide and Infographic

    Landbot: A Guide to Conversational Design For Your Chatbot

    Chatbots continue to get increasingly sophisticated and provide a much more seamless experience for site visitors than they did a year ago. Conversational design is at the heart of every successful chatbot deployment… and every failure. Chatbots are being deployed for automating lead capture and qualification, customer support and frequently asked questions (FAQs), onboarding automation, product recommendations, human resource management…

  • Artificial IntelligenceHow to Prompt AI: The PROMPTAI Model

    Unlock the Power of AI: The PROMPTAI Model for Prompting Generative AI Platforms like ChatGPT

    The demand for high-quality, engaging content is at an all-time high. Sales and marketing professionals constantly seek efficient ways to create compelling content that resonates with their target audience. Enter Generative AI, a game-changing technology that can assist in content creation, and the key to harnessing its potential is crafting effective prompts. What is Generative AI Generative AI, short for…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsContext and Personalization in the Customer Journey

    The Key to Understanding And Personalizing the Consumer Journey Is Context

    Every marketer knows that understanding consumer needs is critical for business success. Today’s audiences are more conscious about where they shop, partly because they have so many choices available, but also because they want to feel like brands align with their personal values. More than 30% of consumers will quit doing business with a preferred brand after just one bad experience.…

  • Content MarketingOpenAI ChatGPT

    Why The World is Buzzing About ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is a revolutionary new tool that has the potential to revolutionize the programming industry. Developed by the team at OpenAI, ChatGPT is an open-source natural language processing (NLP) model (the GPT in ChatGPT) that can generate real-time, human-like responses to user queries. The idea behind ChatGPT was first conceived by OpenAI’s CEO, Ilya Sutskever, to create a chatbot that…

  • Artificial IntelligenceNetra AI-Powered Video Intelligence APIs for Video Context, Taxonomy and Segmentation

    Netra: AI-Powered Video Content Intelligence and Comprehension APIs

    Netra is an AI-powered content classification company that is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with visual content. It harnesses the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence to illuminate the world’s content. The Challenge of Visual Content The internet has evolved to host an ever-increasing amount of visual content. It’s estimated that by 2022,…

  • Advertising TechnologyBehavioral vs. contextual advertising, what's the difference?

    Behavioral Advertising vs. Contextual Advertising: What’s the Difference?

    Digital advertising sometimes gets a bad rap for the expense involved, but there is no denying that, when done correctly, it can bring about powerful results. The thing is digital advertising enables a far wider reach than any form of organic marketing, which is why marketers are so willing to spend on it. The success of digital ads, naturally, depends…

  • Advertising TechnologyContextual Targeting: Brand Safe Ad Environments

    Contextual Targeting: The Answer to Brand-Safe Ad Environments?

    Today’s increasing privacy concerns, coupled with the cookie’s demise, means marketers now need to deliver more personalised campaigns, in real-time and at scale. More importantly, they need to demonstrate empathy and present their messaging in brand-safe environments. This is where the power of contextual targeting comes into play. Contextual targeting is a way to target relevant audiences using keywords and…

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