Contextual Targeting: The Answer to Brand-Safe Ad Environments?

Today’s increasing privacy concerns, coupled with the cookie’s demise, means marketers now need to deliver more personalised campaigns, in real-time and at scale. More importantly, they need to demonstrate empathy and present their messaging in brand-safe environments. This is where the power of contextual targeting comes into play. Contextual targeting is a way to target relevant audiences using keywords and topics derived from the content around ad inventory, that doesn’t require a cookie or another

A Guide to Conversational Design For Your Chatbot – From Landbot

Chatbots continue to get more and more sophisticated and provide a much more seamless experience for site visitors than they did even a year ago. Conversational design is at the heart of every successful chatbot deployment… and every failure. Chatbots are being deployed for automating lead capture and qualification, customer support and frequently asked questions (FAQs), onboarding automation, product recommendations, human resource management and recruiting, surveys and quizzes, booking, and reservations. Expectations of site visitors

What Does “Context Marketing” Really Mean?

As someone who’s made a career out of content, communication, and storytelling, I have a special place in my heart for the role of “context.” What we communicate—whether in business or in our personal lives—becomes relevant to our audience only when they understand the context of the message. Without context, meaning is lost. Without context, audiences get confused about why you’re communicating with them, what they’re supposed to take away, and, ultimately, why your message

2014 Predictions for Mobile Web Trends

If 2013 was the year of content and mobile, perhaps this year is the year of context. That is, putting the content physically in front of the user when and where they need it. We’re not just talking about search, we’re also talking about push messaging and third-party integrations. This infographic from Netbiscuits makes just that prediction. Smartphone adoption continues to increase, providing tighter geolocation capabilities and an increase in the number of connected devices

Context, Vision and Sharing Stupidity

As I drive down the highway, I think it’s nothing short of a miracle that I make it to work alive and (almost) on time. I think it’s nothing short of a miracle because when I’m not working with very smart people, I’m reading a lot of stupid crap on Twitter and Facebook… and watching a lot of stupid crap on television. If people drove their cars like they shared information, I think the average