5 Tips on Writing Marketing Content that Drives Business Value

Creating compelling marketing copy comes down to providing value for your fans. This doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, writing marketing content that will be meaningful and impactful for a diverse audience is a huge task. These five tips provide a strategic starting point for newbies while providing deeper wisdom for the more experienced folks. Tip #1: Start With The End In Mind The first principle of successful marketing is to have a vision. This vision

Clarity Attacks Buzzwordsmithiness On Contact

A good friend of mine for many years is Steve Woodruff, a self-proclaimed (and very talented) Clarity Consultant, continues to share some rather ridiculous marketing-speak amongst websites and social media profiles. He shared his all-time favorite with me from a couple of years ago: We have pioneered a new model for sustainable, consumer-driven growth based on principles of complex adaptive systems. This is a new premise for strategy for a world undergoing deep structural change:

How to Optimize Your Copywriting for Search Engines in 2014

We still have training sessions with our clients to clarify a lot of questions regarding search engines and how to write to improve your visibility. Plain and simple you don’t write for search engines, you write for people. I believe Google’s algorithms have finally advanced to recognize authors and authority, sharing and popularity, citations for distinction, and content to feed the intent of the searcher. Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite

10 Tips for SEO Copywriting that Ranks

Last week we met with about 30 writers at one of our clients and discussed how their content writers could take better advantage of search engines when writing their articles. Our recommendations were on par with this infographic from ContentVerve. The articles these folks were writing were already incredible – so we focused on two key areas for improvement. Develop amazing titles that tap into reader emotion and stoke their curiosity enough to click through.