BrightTag: Enterprise Tag Management Platform

Two issues that enterprise marketing professionals are constantly fighting online are the ability to reduce their site’s load times AND the ability to quickly deploy additional tagging options on their web properties. The typical enterprise corporation may have a deployment schedule that takes weeks or even months to get changes to the site. One of our enterprise clients integrated BrightTag‘s enterprise tag management on their site with incredible results. Their site was running multiple analytics

AddShoppers: Social Commerce Apps Platform

AddShoppers apps help you boost social revenue, add sharing buttons and provide you with analytics on how social is impacting commerce. AddShoppers helps ecommerce providers leverage social media to make more sales. Their sharing buttons, social rewards, and purchase sharing apps help you get more social shares which can then turn into social sales. AddShoppers analytics help you track your return on investment and understand which social channels convert. AddShoppers increases customer engagement by integrating

Don’t forget online in your offline marketing!

Online consumer behavior is becoming invaluable to online marketers, but has been primarily missed with respect to offline entities.  Many companies who have retail stores, as well as online stores, treat the two audiences separately, missing an excellent opportunity to target and track the other. Advanced analytics applications such as WebTrends, Coremetrics, and Omniture have largely been treated as reporting systems but hold valuable consumer data that can be segmented and applied to specific visitors